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[PLUGIN] Discord's Rich Presence plugin for SAMP looks cool!

Kuvards Turner

Old School
Hi guys, It's me Kuvards to introduce to share something with you guys, It's actually a Discord Plugin that will maximize the information about the server, Being Playing time, And players online.
It would look like this -
samp discord plugin.PNG

Looks cool yeah? Let's begin with the tutorial now.

The Requirments
you guys need are as follows:

ASI Loader here
Extract the ASI loader files and paste these files into your directory. (Most people have the same directory for samp and San Andreas).

Latest Cleo here
And install it (Select your San Andreas Directory)

After installing and setting up everything.
You need the Rich Presence Plugin file.

After getting it downloaded, paste it into your directory (Don't paste it in folder).

And Here you go with the plugin, Start your game and the server will be displayed on discord! Your friends can maybe get attracted by the plugin and play with you! Also, It is a cool way to show up your server and what you are actually playing.


Credits to King Hual as he made the plugin.
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