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  1. Lance

    Update 1.5.7

    No they've been removed.
  2. Lance

    Update 1.5.7

    Ultimate Role-play change log 1.5.7; Remember if you have any suggestions please make use of this category, we're actively reading through it and picking the most requested content by you guys. https://ultimaterp.net/forum/index.php?forums/suggestions.24/ - The experience system has been...
  3. Lance

    Update 1.5.6(e)

    New point system linked to to your drivers license, you can get a maximum of 12 points before you're banned. Points are issued by LEO's via the /ticket system, you can review your points via /showid if you have a drivers license. When you get cuffed by an LEO if you have a mask on it'll...
  4. Lance

    Bank Robberies

    This suggestion will be discussed.
  5. Lance

    Business suggestion.

    I like the idea of this, I'm just sceptical that this will get used 2-3 times then never used again, nobody comes on Ultimate to sit behind a counter. Will wait the rest of the communities feedback before making a decision.
  6. Lance

    cmd for cops to take off suspects mask

    Agreed, will be in the next patch.
  7. Lance

    Spreading covid

    Spreading covid