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Recent content by J-Dillinger

  1. J-Dillinger

    Update 1.5.7

    Do we get our old lands?
  2. J-Dillinger

    Disable PM's whilst cuffed/tazed/tied.

    you only complain over forums but never play
  3. J-Dillinger

    Update 1.5.6(e)

  4. J-Dillinger

    Update 1.5.6 (d)

    DOPE! Finally guns update tysm
  5. J-Dillinger

    Biz entry fees

    Reduce businsses entry fees from 5k$ to 500$ maximum
  6. J-Dillinger

    ECO RESET Continues

    Businesses still overpriced and more.... Drugs still overpriced: Arms Dealer crafting system takes more materials than the economy: Also the crafting cooldown with armsdealer is 60seconds which is over the limit in my opinion reduce it to 10 or 15seconds instead I hope that...
  7. J-Dillinger

    Update 1.5.6 (c)

  8. J-Dillinger

    Update 1.5.6 (b)

    Dope update mind lowering the gun crafting materials use and CD in the next update?
  9. J-Dillinger


    Lower the materials use when crafting weapons (/sellgun) materials price went down to 3$-4$
  10. J-Dillinger

    Update 1.5.6