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Jan 18, 2020
This page was created in reference for both admins and server players as a constitution, or guide.
This page was created to list all the server related rule breaks and the punishments to be handed out when someone violates them.
Note: All punishments listed are as what is typically handed out. Administrators have a right to punish the player based on the severity of the situation.

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SR-1) Chat Guidelines
General banter is allowed.
>Though minor insults are acceptable, you are not allowed to constantly insult, harass or provoke players, making them feel uncomfortable.
>You may not use any language other than English on all public chats.
>You may not type a message more than three times as it will be considered as spam.
>You may not use CAPSLOCK to type your message in public chats. Certain words can be typed with CAPSLOCK though.

Player harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or socioeconomic status will no longer be tolerated!

Chat warnings ⭢ Chat mute ⭢ Indefinite chat mute / Server ban

SR-2) ~Hacking / Exploiting / Illegal modifications
Any modifications or hacks that give you an unfair advantage over another player is not allowed.
Exploiting server or game bugs to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed.
Account Ban ⭢ Potential Permanent Ban ⭢ Potential Account Deletion.

SR-3) ~[DM] Deathmatching
Example 1: Attacking or killing a player without any valid in-character reason.
Example 2: Killing someone repeatedly for the same IC reason.
Example 3: A cop pulls over John Doe for an offense. John Doe hops out of the vehicle, pulls out his weapon, and shoots the cop.
Example 4: A player/gang (or their called backup), should not have any given rights to simply kill another player or cop.
Affirmative action: The player or gangs action is warranted. Ie. A player or cop aims/draws/fires their weapon.

Not just with LEOs, this should go for any server entities in the game:

Civilians/Player and Gangs:
Listen. If you don't want to be hassled by LEOs (Server Factions), don't allow yourselves to be in their vicinities. If they want action see to it they come to you. So basically civilians/players can now be civilians/players and gangs can be gangs. Let LEOs be LEOs. Just make a point to avoid them at all costs. Like we would ALL do LEOs in real life!

Civilians/Player and Gangs Back-up:
"if u call backup cuz leos on ur ass ur gang members cant help so have fun at prison for not being careful"
- Civilians/Player or Gangs backup can help or try to assist but before they kill another player or LEO (simply for acting IC or doing their job taking someone to jail), that backup that arrives on the scene must be given IC reason by the player(s), LEO(s) involved. Ie. A Civilian/Player/LEO aims/draws/fires their weapon.

Deathmatch Warning.
DM1=60, DM2=120, DM3=180, DM4=240 minutes prison while DM5=Server Ban respectively.

SR-4) ~[PG] Power Gaming
Not letting other players respond to your actions or acting towards other players in manners that show no care for the situation.

Example 1: John frisks Max secretly.
Max is never given a chance to respond, realistically Max would have felt this and could have reacted.

Example 2: Using G-Bug.
Flopping like a fish. Punching people. Accessing nearby vehicles while dead.

Example 3: RP-Gun fear.
Affirmative action 1: Giving no regard to your life and no regard to weapons aimed at you. Running towards the weapons that are aiming at you.
A rightful action 1: Two people point a gun at you, you cannot pull a gun and consider shooting them. However, if you already have a gun out or if you have backup around you then can ICly consider shooting them.
Affirmative action 2: Giving no regards to your surroundings you run towards an armed player who has taken cover in an effort to attack you.
A rightful action 2: A player who has taken cover has ICly shown no signs of having a weapon.
30 minutes prison.

SR-5) ~[LTA] Leaving to avoid
Leaving the server on purpose by either force crashing/disconnecting the client or engaging in actions to avoid a roleplay situation.
5 minutes prison. Allows x2 time increase for multiple infractions.

SR-6) ~[AVP] Avoiding Punishment
You may not:
(1) Create an alternate account for the sole purpose of avoiding administrative punishment.
(2) Utilize any other techniques to evade punishment.

Locked Account or Account Ban ⭢ Potential Permanent Ban ⭢ Potential Account Deletion.

SR-7) Avoiding Roleplay
Under no circumstances are you allowed to avoid RP when someone is roleplaying with you by tabbing out, using /kill or accepting death whilst downed. You also cannot go 'OOC' unless directed by an admin.
5 minutes prison. Allows x2 time increase for multiple infractions.

SR-8) Explicit Roleplay
Roleplay involving sexual actions should only be done with the OOC agreement of all parties involved. Any party involved has the right to halt this type of roleplay whenever they want regardless of their prior agreement to it.
15 minutes prison if proof of non consent.

SR-9) ~In Character Aiding / Assisting / Healing / The Final Blow Rule
If you are injured during an in-character situation and escape you are then allowed to heal using any means necessary.
A player can aid, assist, heal themselves, or the injured if not done in plain sight or during the moment in which the injuries are occurring.
Example: You must be able to escape the situation alive. You must find a safe place to assist yourself or those injured around you.
Places allowed to heal: Any active business (be aware of CCTV), that provides Health/Armor. Items: Drugs, Bodyguard Vests, Painkillers.
Active Bank Robberies: If proper actions are taken out of plain sight LSPD/LSFMD can aid/assist/heal themselves as well.
The Final Blow: If alive but injured and heal out of plain sight your fun no longer ends until dead.

15 minutes prison. Allows x2 time increase for multiple infractions.

SR-10) ~[SK] Spawn Killing
Attempting to damage or kill a player in the process of spawning.
(Ie. Spawning into the game. Spawning at the hospital. Spawning through entrances.)
A spawning player must be given the opportunity to enter either into a general server area or through any server entrance.
A spawning player must fully become part of the action or situation before action can be taken against them by another player.
60 minutes prison.

SR-11) ~[RK] Revenge Kill
- You are not allowed to take revenge by killing someone who had just killed you, even if you have an IC reason.
- You may also not return to the same place after death before 30 minutes have passed.

For more information, please also read:
SR-33) ~[30MR] 30 Minute Rule.
30 minutes prison.

SR-12) ~[KoS] Kill on Sight
KoS is attempting to kill someone without any prior roleplay interaction or literally "on-sight".
Exception: Does not apply to gangs in war or if gang bandana KoS is allowed.
Deathmatch Warning as explained in SR-3) ~[DM] Deathmatching.

SR-13) ~[SA] Server Advertisement
Advertising game service other than those under the direct management of Ultimate Roleplay Network.
(1) Causing unrest within the community
Account Suspension + Ban.

SR-14) ~[DT] Actions detrimental to the Community
Actions that tend to cause harm to the community such as:
(1) Causing unrest within the community
(2) Server advertisement
Rangeban + Permanent Ban.

SR-15) ~[MG] Metagaming
Mixing in-character information with out-of-character or vice versa.
You may not use the OOC chat channels to discuss IC situations.
$500 fine (Level 1 to Level 3).
$5000 fine (Level 4 to Level 10).

$50000 fine (Level 11 or Greater).

SR-16) ~[MF] Money farming
Extracting the spawn money from several accounts to one. As such to earn money from fresh accounts.
Range ban + Account termination.

SR-17) ~Robbery Rule
- All levels can preform a robbery if roleplayed. A player can only look to rob level 5+.
- You must wait at least 24 hours before robbing the same person again.

Robbing above the allocated limits is not allowed.
Cash: $10,000 only.
Materials: A total of 10,000 only.
Drugs: A total of 100g/oz only.
Combined items may not exceed a liquefied $100,000 and must not go beyond the allocated limits above.
15 minutes prison + Amount attempted to rob over the limit.

SR-18) ~Extortion
You may not force players to withdraw money/items from deposits/stashes.
Stashes/deposits include but are not limited to:
-Vehicle stash
-House stash
-Gang stash
-Business vault
15 minutes prison.

SR-19) ~[SC] Scamming
IC Scamming
All levels can preform a scam if roleplayed. A player can only look to scam Level 5+.
The scam limit is $100,000 in cash.
Materials and drugs will be liquefied accordingly and are included in the $100,000 limit.
Scamming over the limit is not allowed.
A transaction must occur in-character.

OOC Scamming
Donation scamming is prohibited and will result always result in an account suspension + ban.
OOC Scamming is not allowed.
Any out of server deals will not be covered.
A transaction must occur in-game.

Scamming more than the limit: Refund of the money to the victim + 100% extra fine of the money scammed.
OOC Scamming: Refund of the money to the victim + 100% extra fine of the money scammed.

SR-20) ~Item Exchange
Exchange of any in-game items outside of Ultimate Roleplay is not allowed (including selling of IRL currency and or items). The only exception to this is rule is server donations.
100% fine ⭢ Account Ban ⭢ Potential Permanent Ban ⭢ Potential Account Deletion.

SR-21) Exposing HMA names
Hitmen Agency faction members are supposed to be classified. If you somehow find out that someone is a member of HMA faction, do not disclose their identity.
1 Month Ban ⭢ Potential Permanent Ban ⭢ 90 Day Server Opportunity Blacklist.

SR-22) ~[PG] OOC Contracting
Contracting someone without any IC reason or for any reason which is Out Of Character is considered as OOC Contracting.
15 minutes prison. 100% Fine of Contract Fee.

SR-23) ~[Non-RP Beh] Un-realistic Behavior
Acting unrealistically in player situations.
Hence rules SR-24) through SR-31) for better definitions of this rule.
5 minutes prison. Allows x2 time increase for multiple infractions.

SR-24) ~[CB] Cop Baiting
Trying to break laws in front of cops with the intention to make them chase you is NOT allowed.
5 minutes prison. Allows x2 time increase for multiple infractions.

A: Car Ramming
B: Car Bombing

C: Car Parking
(A) Ramming someone unnecessarily or in an unrealistic manner for no apparent reason or justifiable cause.
This includes lag-ramming on purpose.
(B) Crashing your burning/caught on fire vehicle into a group of people in order to kill them for no apparent reason or justifiable cause.
(C) Parking a vehicle on top of a player in order to kill him without any RP and IC reason.

5 minutes prison. Allows x2 time increase for multiple infractions.

SR-26) ~[PG] Plane Bombing
Flying an airplane into people, or on an active RP event/scene with the intention to kill or disturb the scene.
5 minutes prison. Allows x2 time increase for multiple infractions.

SR-27) ~[BH] Bunny Hopping
Bunny Hopping is blatant hopping or jump maneuvers that consist of unrealistic actions.
ie. Hopping to limit distance or to exceed heights.

5 minutes prison. Allows x2 time increase for multiple infractions.

SR-28) ~[CR] Chicken Running
Example 1: Running in a zigzag in an open area without taking cover behind anything.
Example 2: Running around a shooter is not allowed.
Allowable Action 1: If an interior is crowded with objects and the player has to evade them in order to run to a certain path.
Allowable Action 2: If 2 players are shooting each other and 1 player stops shooting, takes a few steps to the side or backwards then starts shooting again.

5 minutes prison. Allows x2 time increase for multiple infractions.

SR-29) ~[PG] Water evading
Evading in water from cops/LEOs is NOT allowed. Swimming to a boat and using it to evade is allowed. Swimming to another place is also acceptable. Suicide in water to avoid anything is NOT allowed.
5 minutes prison. Allows x2 time increase for multiple infractions.

SR-30) ~[NJ] Ninja jacking & [CJ] Car Jacking
Stealing a vehicle (any kind) without any roleplay interaction with the driver.
5 minutes prison. Allows x2 time increase for multiple infractions.

SR-31) ~[PG] Healing in Gunfight
Healing in an active gunfight where shooting is still taking place is not acceptable.
i.e; /usedrug, /firstaid, /vest e.t.c.

5 minutes prison. Allows x2 time increase for multiple infractions.

SR-32) ~[GZ] Greenzone rule
Server green zones do not exist. Faction Interiors/Exteriors rely on IC means such as CCTV.
Players must utilize their server awareness in certain surroundings.

SR-33) ~[30MR] 30 Minute Rule
Upon being killed and spawned in the hospital, your character will lose 30 minutes memory which you can no longer use to justify a PvP interaction.
If you are aware of a situation (e.g. robbed) and were not killed you must act on it within 30 minutes or you can no longer use it either.

30 minutes prison. This adheres to the time of the rule that was broken.

SR-34) ~[AP] Ass-pulling [QS] Quick Swapping
If in a PvP situation a player must roleplay a weapon of choice to attack if they have reason to kill.
This now includes melee weapons. Again. If with reason to kill.
Once a weapon of choice has been roleplayed you are then allowed to begin [QS] Quick Swapping.

Exception: You do not have to roleplay any weapon if you're the victim of gunfire.
5 minutes prison. Allows x2 time increase for multiple infractions.

SR-35) ~Sniper [AP] Ass-pulling / Sniper [QS] Quick Swapping / Sniper Close Range Proximity Rule
Snipers are to be roleplayed if used at close range (proximity).
Conventionally a sniper is normally used in long-range scenarios/situations.
Once an initial weapon is roleplayed rule = if you choose to use a sniper within close range roleplay it.
If you choose to use a sniper from a traditional distance you can quickly swap to it. Again, only once an initial weapon is roleplayed.

5 minutes prison. Allows x2 time increase for multiple infractions.

SR-36) ~Faction Weapons Transfers
Selling/giving/transferring faction weapons to anyone other than (the weapon's) faction members is not allowed.
E.g Knives shouldn't be transferred to anyone outside HMA. You are also prohibited from storing knives inside vehicles/houses, if found with these items upon leaving HMA you will be warned once to hand them over, if you do not comply a ban will follow.
Account Ban ⭢ Potential Permanent Ban ⭢ Potential Account Deletion.

SR-37) ~Abuse of toys or /weapon
Using toys or /weapon adjusts and adjusting the objects in an unrealistic way. Unrealistic ways to refrain from:
Leaving it centimeters away from the ped's skin. Inserting the object into the body to hide it. Making fun of it (uncharacteristic positions).

$5000 fine ⭢ 5 minutes prison. Allows x2 time increase for multiple infractions.

SR-38) ~Players Abduction Rule:
An LEO can only be kidnapped when there are a total of 3 online LEOs with their badges on.
The same person can only be kidnapped once every 72 Hours.
A strong IC reason is required in order to kidnap someone.
A kidnapping roleplay scenario must not exceed the limited time, which is 30minutes.
15 minutes prison. Allows x2 time increase for multiple infractions.
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