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Jan 18, 2020
Forum Rules
This page is created to list all the forum related rule breaks and the punishments to be handed out when someone violates them.
Note: All punishments listed are what is typically handed out. Administrators have a right to punish the player based on the severity of the situation.

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FR 1) English Only
  • You might use foreign languages in some threads but you're expected to use English in general forums.

FR 2) Signatures
  • Signatures including pornographic content (18+) e.t.c. will NOT be tolerated.
  • Signatures showing/promoting rulebreaking on the server might get your account temporarily banned.
  • Long signatures with many pictures e.t.c. should be curtailed with spoilers. Signatures may get removed without notice if this rule is neglected.

FR 3) Farming Likes/Votes e.t.c.
  • Using alternative accounts in order to farm likes/votes e.t.c. will not be tolerated and may get your account terminated.

FR 4) Server Advertising
  • Posting links showing IPs/promoting other communities will NOT be tolerated.

FR 5) Spamming will not be tolerated
  • Don't post replies just to increase your activity or 'total messages'.
    Spamming includes posting in threads that are out-dated. It would be considered as spamming if you are posting irrelevant stuff on a thread as well.

FR 6) No Adult/Pornographic Content
  • 18+ content relating to pornography is NOT allowed.

FR 7) Account Sharing
  • Account sharing is not allowed on forum just like it is not allowed in-game.
  • Doing so may get the shared account deleted and IP possibly banned.

FR 8) Respect Privacy!
  • You are NOT allowed to disclose pictures of community members without their permission.
  • Editing pictures of community members is NOT allowed as well.

FR 9) Insulting/Flaming is not allowed
  • This includes racism and discrimination on basis of cast/color/gender of other members.
  • If found breaching the rule, you might be forum warned/muted/banned depending upon the severity.
  • Signatures/Avatars reflecting racism are also included.

FR 10) Posting where not involved
  • Posting replies where you are not involved might get you forum-banned for a day or two.
  • This includes posting in 'Forum Complaints' while you were not involved in the situation.
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