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    What is U:RP's roleplay level?

    The only rp niggas were doing was RPing their guns, now that AP is gone I'd better call dis a general cop n robbers but with some dudes trying to RP correctly, like, you'll always RP with the same dudes, so yeah, non existent is the good term That's my opinion so 8yo kids stfu and dont insult my...
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    FMD Suggestions

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    Faction Vehicles - Health

    As far as I know theres a point perk to give 2500 hp to your gang cars...
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    LSPD/ SASP Suggestions

    Hell yes, for SASP too! +1
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    when buying something without having money in hand the game withdraw the money directly from the bank

    He said Like a credit card, you buy something but you dont have enough money in hand, you have the possibility to buy it using your credit card
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    A Major Change

    Yeah my bad
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    A Major Change

    Dude you resumed all my wishes in this thread xD +100
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    Implementing Corner System (Sell drugs to neutral NPCs)

    +1, that's a great idea, maybe the NPCs should change their spot like every week, so it's harder to find them
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    Here's a perfect example, this 3 businesses, are in the same building, I'm almost sure that it's impossible to put the 3 inside, like a supermarket in a such small building? In this case, remove the gun shop and the supermarket. It's another case, this gun shop, it doesn't look like one, it...
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    Right now, they dont do a lot of money right, but limiting the businesses will ofc increase their worth, but will allow them to produce more money, as people will have less choices on choosing on which business they want to go, the businesses owners will make more money :)
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    While talking with a friend over /pm, we discussed over a potential BIZ rework system, Businesses are not worth it, and everyone who owns a biz knows it, There is way too much businesses, so, I'd like to suggest a little rework, Having businesses in game is pretty easy, get a few millions...
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    Implementing Add Indicators for Vehicle

    Like pressing E enables the right blinker and Q the left blinker